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"Goedvertrou" - 600ha farm in Robertson

R90 000 000

This luxurious estate required something special.


The agents asked us to portray a sense of countryside splendour, blended with an elegance akin to the interior design.


Demonstrating the sheer scale of the listing was essential for this film.

272 Silvertree - De Goede Hoop Estate

R29 500 000

Being tucked away in a forested paradise, this home had to have a film showcasing the coalescence of scenic beauty and artistic grandeur.


After gathering that the seller was a critically-acclaimed artist, we knew we couldn't disappoint.

70 Beach Road - Chapmans Peak

R14 950 000

A sense of awe arose in us from simply standing in this incredible home.


It was so clear that an abundant amount of love and effort had been poured into crafting these stylish space, and we were determined to provide an equally tasteful film.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 22.42.45.png


With an intense passion for cinematic storytelling, LUX aids in turning over Western Cape's prime real estate with world-class videos.

We love architectural splendour and translating it from reality to screen is what we do best.

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Rudi Gremels

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